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Hi, I am Vivian Full-stack + Data

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Software Development

  • Full-stack Web/Application Development
  • Simulation
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Problem Solving
  • Scrum/Agile SDLC

Programming Languages: Python, Java, C++, SQL, R, Linux, HTML/CSS/JS

Tools, frameworks, and platforms: AWS, Azure, Snowflake, .NET, Django, Spring Boot, React JS, Git, Bitbucket, Jules/Jenkins, Jira

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Data Science

  • Storytelling
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analytics
  • Mathematics
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning

Programming Languages: Python, C++, SQL, R

Tools, frameworks, and platforms: Jupyter Notebook, PySpark, Tableau, Hadoop

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  • Strategic Management
  • Branding
  • Data Analytics
  • UI/UX
  • Design Thinking
  • Research
  • Business Acumen

Tools: Trello, Jira, Adobe Photoshop

My Work

Emergency Room Simulation

Architect and build simulations to manage overcrowded emergency departments with varying levels of congestion. Design algorithms to prioritize patients under the dilemma of Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Fairness.

Read Paper View Github

COVID-19 Vaccination Simulation

Create simulations to examine the impact of vaccines in reducing COVID-19 transmission among various at-risk populations.

Read Paper View Github

COVID-19 Political Tweet

Create a Naive-bayes classifier and apply various statistical and data science techniques to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on the political discourse on Twitter during the early stages of the pandemic.

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Fraud Detection, Ideology Point, Health Investment, and Financial Literacy

Analytical projects that concentrate on contemporary divisive issues in politics, healthcare, education, and economics.

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TXACC - The Resource Center

Collaborate as an Agile team to construct a communication and training platform for TXACC, a non-profit organization that promotes and offers training for charitable clinics in Texas.

Sprint Kick-off Retrospective View Github

Data Analytics & Visualization with Cisco

Projects completed during the summer 2022 internship at Cisco's Chief Data & Analytics Office, Strategy Execution team.

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